“I believe that what makes someone or something different matters. That difference is where new, better possibilities live.”

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Crystal's diverse work directly reflects her highly interdisciplinary and intersectional identity, expertise, and journey.

The themes she seeks to maximize in the world are:
Essentialism | Drawing out human potential and possibility
Alchemy | Creating new world views by bridging existing perspectives
Life | Supporting the sustainability of the planet

Initiatives for organizations

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Organization Consulting

Serving as an external advisor and facilitator alongside leaders and teams for strategy formation & planning, organizational assessment & design, data gathering & sensemaking, and mission-critical initiative team process design.

LCD Group LLC.

Learning Cluster Design

Revolutionizing learning initiatives as a vehicle for driving change. Teaching learning, marketing, movement building, and change departments a systematic method for surrounding users with a strategic set of multiple, meaningful learning assets, rather than relying on one course or program to do it all.

Microsoft Financial summit

Retreat & Conference

Moving audiences in a moment of powerful change around the topics of digital well-being and diversity and inclusion, along with talks related to Crystal’s books

Initiatives for People

Social Equations

Social Equations Book

Helping STEM professionals shortcut learning and applying social dynamics so they can be seen, valued and have their ideas spread.


The Millennial Myth
Book & Course

Enabling tenured leaders to build relationships with younger employees by building common ground and understanding.

Download this brief and get food for thought for what’s possible for the most difficult changes organizations are experiencing today.

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Who am i?

My name is Crystal Kadakia and I work alongside leaders and changemakers to create and implement initiatives that further the potential of people and planet. An initiative can be as short as keynote or as long as a multi-month team process – regardless, each is thoughtfully crafted for generative power. I am a mapmaker, a synthesizer, and an inclusive perspective gatherer. I am an expert in organizational culture change, as well as a two-time TEDx speaker, international keynoter and an author.

As a person whose identity and narrative represent seemingly polar opposites, I’ve lived a life of bridging gaps and making constant changes to my comfort zone. I’ve honed my reflections and expertise in the hopes that others can use it to bring positive change to communities, without having to have the same experiences.

To drive these changes, I refocus audiences on what new possibilities come with what’s different, rather than what appears hard to let go. This approach removes popular biases that hold organizations back and brings new solutions to navigating modern issues.

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