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Books & Courses

Shed light on cultural misunderstandings, explore causes of generational friction or tackle challenges of the digital age between leaders and their reports through my work in print and via self study.

Designing for Modern Learning

Beyond Addie and Sam

Learning is no longer an activity or luxury that only occurs at specific stages in your life or career. With the digital revolution, learning has become immediate, real-time, and relevant whether you’re young, old, in the workforce, in school, or at home. But training at work simply hasn’t kept up. If you are in HR, talent development, or training, this book is for you. Like many, you’ve likely confronted the digital learning revolution armed with instructional design models from the pre-digital world. But today’s digital workplace has a new model to address instructional design: we call it Learning Cluster Design.

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The OK-LCD model is exactly what I need - a simple, comprehensive, research-based compass to help my team navigate the complexity we are currently facing in learning design. “Design for Modern Learning” aligns us all to a fresh, simple framework and a new, much-needed language so we can move swiftly and confidently. Instead of continuing to talk about how things need to change on many, many fronts, this book will enable my team to move into action!

Molly Brown Pickett

The Millennial Myth:

Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs

Millennials have been condemned as lazy, entitled, disloyal, and disrespectful and needing constant hand-holding. This Amazon best seller shows that not only are these negative stereotypes dead wrong, but each one conceals a positive workplace practice that forward-looking companies must adopt if they are to endure. You will learn how the advent of digital technology is the crucial root cause of many Millennial behaviors. But the book doesn’t stop there – it offers a guide for what our traditional workplace needs to do to attract, engage, and retain modern talent.

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Millennial Myth Reviews

This book truly blasts apart several key Millennial myths and is destined to be the subject of many live and virtual watercooler discussions around the globe.

Aaron Wang

Managing Younger Generations:

Demystifying Millennials and Engaging Younger Talent

How can you break through younger generation stereotypes and instead, enable employee performance? Even though there is a lot of data out there on generational traits, what to do about it has still been a black box…until now. This course introduces the five most common generational conflicts and helps you grow your capability to manage not just young talent, but modern employees across all generations. Based on my best-selling book The Millennial Myth, you will learn how to use my Stereotypes to Strengths framework to transform five Millennial Myths into strengths for all your direct reports. Here’s a preview of the 5 Millennial Myths we will break down that cause conflict between generations.