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Changing organizations is tough. As your business scales or shifts to keep up with a changing landscape, having an outside perspective with an expertise in building positive change is critical.

We often know something is not working, but we don’t know why, where to start, or how to build a strategic movement.

Every business at some point finds itself in need of reinvention — whether to overcome barriers or to inspire new growth. Reinvention requires building new ways for individuals and teams to maximize their potential — I can help you create them.

Over the past decade, I have had the absolute pleasure of consulting for companies of all shapes, sizes, and purposes, helping leaders design systems that optimize human potential. At Kadakia Consulting, we build on my thought leadership to apply OD capability for greater employee engagement, moving from diversity to inclusion, optimizing the impact of digital tools at work, easing the generational transition, and in general, building systems that maximize individual potential.

Together, we can set your business up for sustained success by building more inclusive, more empowered teams, and rewiring your business to evolve with the digital age.

What is Organization Development (OD)

Organization Development (OD) is a field of expertise that creates change in an organization or community in a way that empowers humanity. It’s a field that combines philosophies, research, and practices across the social sciences, neuroscience, business, and psychology to help improve the workplace. This isn’t about change management and communication through rollouts. This is about an end-to-end strategic partnership, from a given problem or vision statement to making it happen.