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End of 2020 Personal Recap

Happy holidays to you and yours!

It’s easy (and blameless!) this year to feel like everything has gotten more chaotic, more tough, more impossible. Yet, as I reflect, I’m deeply aware that it often takes and is in the hardest times that we make the biggest leaps and have the most momentum. When everything feels good enough, feels normal, it’s easy to do nothing to change, even if things could be better.

This year, I have a deep appreciation for my clients who courageously and unapologetically confronted tough truths and tensions in their organizations and reimagined new possible futures. Through consulting, training, and speaking, I had a chance to influence and bear witness to these transformations. Each project I work on supports me in not only helping their own community, but continuing to fuel an ecosystem of positive change.

Like many, I have fatigue from the year, but I also have hope, faith, and inspiration for the possibilities in the future. That’s where I continue to put my focus, this year and moving into 2021. I hope you find time to celebrate the wins from this year as well.

Cheers to the passing of another year and the start of a new one!