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Future Focused: Top 3 Articles to Read About Gen Z

Gen Z: Child of our times

They’re the kids born totally wired, the first generation who will spend their whole lives in a world where the planet’s accumulated wisdom is available instantly at the touch of a finger. And the first of them have just left school. Greg Dixon looks at what’s shaped Generation Z and wonders what they’ll become.

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Getting to Know Gen Z

Born in the 1990s and raised in the 2000s, Generation Zers will soon be entering the workforce in droves. What can HR do to attract them and help them thrive?

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And an interesting feature on how to leverage Millennial talent

At Sanderson Ford, millennials teach older drivers about tech features

The START Team at Sanderson Ford aims to demystify complicated dashboard controls for drivers, allowing them to better utilize their vehicle’s features. Meet Sanderson Ford’s Start Team: Four millennials whose job is to convert techno-fearful car owners into techno-proficient drivers.

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