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ASTD Conference: “Gen Y Not More Self-Centered Than Prev Gen”

It was absolutely awesome sharing about Generation Y at the ASTD Atlanta ACE Conference this year. The theme was Learning and Development as a Value Creator. I was honored to share how training design needs to evolve based on Gen Y learning methods in order to deliver the most value and effectiveness.

I was very impressed by the participation of the audience. Often, when talking about Gen Y, I am faced with a lot of criticism of our generation. I was proud of my fellow training colleagues in their more balanced perspective of Gen Y – seeing both the positives and the negatives of what our generation brings to the table. After presenting the workshop, I received a lot of appreciation of expanding the viewpoint on Gen Y and the way we learn.

Following the conference, TRP Enterprises, a company focused on creating the Totally Responsible Person mindset, sent out a great summary of my presentation that I’d like to share with you all.

Direct from Daniel Lobb, fresh off the TRP press:

“Generation Y is NOT more self- centered than previous generations were at young ages. It’s just that previous generations didn’t have the opportunity to tweet about what they had for breakfast.”

 – Crystal Kadakia, Career Indulgence

This week, I had the chance to attend a session with Crystal at a Training and Development session in Atlanta. Crystal is on a path to change the world. By day, she’s a training manager for a Fortune 500 company and by night, she runs her own consulting business on the side (visit her webiste, www.careerindulgence.com). Oh and by the way, she graduated with a degree in chemical engineering at age 20 and then decided she liked the people development side of the business.

Crystal delivered a message that helped me view my pre-conceived notions of generational stereotypes. She argues that the “Gen Y” people who are infiltrating our workforce are not as much of a “problem” as we often think them to be. Instead, she is challenging us to see the opportunity to look at the strengths that younger generations bring to the table: resourcefulness, courage, an undeniable spirit of entrepreneurship. In so doing not only can we learn to see the potential of this new, younger generation, but see the potential for collaboration and just how much we can learn from one another.

Thanks Crystal for helping us remember that the diverse strengths we each bring to the table are what afford us a wonderfully broad perspective on work, and life.” 

A little more about TRP Enterprises: Totally Responsible Person (TRP) training helps program participants develop self-awareness using the language of victim mentality and exploration of “moments of choice.” Victim mentality occurs when we blame someone else for how we are in the world (“look what you made me do!”). Victim mentality is so commonplace, that we all do it everyday. The Totally Responsible Person however, learns to recognize victim mentality with immediacy and how to shift out of it. It is a learned skill that the TRP training provides the foundational knowledge and tools to begin the practice. TRP training focuses on keeping our “eye on the prize” and becoming a TRP is learning to keep our purpose in the front of our minds. In this way, everyday interactions can become very meaningful opportunities for learning and growth.

I encourage all of you to learn a little more about TRP by viewing their website.

In the next few months,  I will be posting short vignettes from my speaking events – keep an eye out for these if you’d like to learn more about my presentation.

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