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“I’m sorry, but I just don’t like what I liked yesterday…”

“…I’m a tough client.”

If you’re wondering what I have been up to, I’ve been spending a lot of time training myself on various tools and developing my coaching model by practicing with friends as clients. Specifically, I’ve been reading up on Myers Briggs and Rockport Institute. I’ve pushed myself to take this to the next level through integrating these assessments with the project management experience and the natural vision building skills I have. Finally, I’ve been rolling out my model, one piece at a time, to my toughest client, who I will refer to here as: JTuffLove.

JTuffLove has an extensive background, trying out a number of different career paths, none which truly related to his college degree. He has had a pilot’s license, worked with special education children, worked in sales and marketing, and more. He is an endless source of new ideas and loves people. He is very passionate and value driven and has a huge heart. From a Myers Briggs standpoint, he is an ENFP, which someone recently described to me as “Everyday New Fantastic Possibilities!”. That was a pretty accurate statement.

JTuffLove is a person who is very complicated. And very indecisive. The key to his personality type is that he has to truly believe in it to make a decision in that direction. But building that belief is a huge struggle, because the picture changes every day. What we talked about previously and had thought was a good idea, could be totally erased the next day. We have been on a long journey, about 9 months, to discover the right career for him.

Sounds like a nightmare right?

Some days, I thought it was. Frustration levels ran pretty high at times. But now, I can see how much progress we have made, not just for him on his career exploration path, but for me as a coach. I now have a much broader set of tools to help understand someone’s passions and interests. I also have a much broader understanding of different career paths, careers I never thought of previously, because I have been pushed to think outside of the box. The more information and self awareness we created, the easier it became to discover the right career path via process of elimination.

Everything I have learned will be now shared with other clients. This has been critical in shaping the model and framework for my coaching. I feel like I have a strong method to help anyone discover their path and feel confidence in walking down that path. Best of all, every other client I’ve talked to seems like a walk in the park!

I share this anecdote in order to pose the question to you: What is the greatest challenge in your life? Do you also find that it is critical to stretching you and in that respect, provides the largest growth opportunity for you?