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Reaching For “Impossible” Possibilities

We’re past January now – past that initial round of resolutions. Now I’m seeing us all digging in, ready for the real tests of perseverance and vision. What do we really see for ourselves in 2021?

Recently, I spoke on the topic of “Impossible Possibilities” at the newly formed Association for Influencers and Thought Leaders (AIT). I wonder what leaps we all could gain this year and beyond, by dreaming and targeting that transformation we crave but feels impossible.

Impossibility is a narrative we create, a name for a fear we wrap around ourselves.

An Impossible Possibility is a fear you’ve given yourself the permission to consider as a realistic possibility for you. It’s the same fear, now mixed with inspiration, passion, and a new drive. And that’s what could be carrying you through 2021.

To learn more about setting your impossible possibilities, see my talk, clipped from AIT’s speaker summit, below: