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Cultivating Meaningful Relationships in a Digital Age

As we continue to emerge slowly from the pandemic, I’m struck by how often relationships has become the center of conversations. The casual overlaps and run-ins many took for granted as an unintentional part of their lives now has taken on more meaning, more need to put in work. Work that is often exhausting on top of an already exhausting year.

Towards the latter half of last year, I had the pleasure of working with the EBSCO Information Services team to create a series of videos for their Accel5 learning library around my reflections on leading and living sustainably in a digital age. We spanned a wide range of topics, geared towards what practical, everyday individuals can do: to include, to cultivate meaningful relationships, to breakthrough limiting remote work habits, to navigate change, and more.

For those of you have access to Accel5, you can watch the rest there. One I can share freely is one I also feel is vital: cultivating meaningful relationships in a digital age.

Having personally worked remotely and independently since 2011 with no workplace to go to, relationships have been a top of mind challenge for me and there’s a lot I’ve learned around intentionality. I’m grateful for the community I have – and am wowed by the depth of relationships I have with a few folks that I’ve never met in person at all.