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My TEDx Talk is Out! “Gen Y – Coma or Powered?”

Crystal Kadakia with TEDxSarasota Speakers

TEDx was such a wonderful experience – it’s like a crash course in building deep connections. All your fellow speakers are nervous, backstage, but you all have a burning message you’ve just got to share with the world. So after two months of preparing for a phenomenal event, you have 24 hours where you are meeting and connecting with speakers, TEDx organizers, and some early audience members. In those 24 hours, I think I felt every emotion out there – excitement, anxiety, focused, energetic, a feeling of profundity. This deep connection between you and your message keeps evolving into something more and more. Then you deliver that talk and it takes up all the space and volume in the room – your voice echoes, your eyes burn from the light, but that’s the moment when all these minds are absorbing the sound of your voice and its message.

Then, after delivering the talk, you just sit back and take it all in. And it was awe-inspiring.

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