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Published by ATD: A New World of Learning Clusters for L&D

Has L&D already given up on having a presence in informal learning? Are we going to remain stuck in our world of classes and courses, the world of counting seats filled and clicks on e-learning?

We’re seeing some L&D professionals willing to embrace new possibilities, but most are struggling to find a way forward. That’s no surprise; our industry is facing a staggering increase in complexity as well as organizational expectations that reduce L&D’s control of learning experiences.

As a result, the L&D profession is becoming less relevant for employees. Research by Degreed shows that modern learners use L&D’s traditional course solutions about once a quarter. But modern learners need to learn daily to do their job in an ever-changing environment. Once-a-quarter learning won’t cut it in the modern world. In addition, when asked if they would recommend their L&D department to others, 49 percent of employees said no! If L&D is to remain useful, we need to adjust—and quickly.

Here is an alternative: Stop designing just classes and courses, and begin designing learning clusters.

Through ATD’s LearnNow program, we are sparking a positive trend by sharing the Modern Learning Design Process (see LearnNow: Designing for the Modern Learner and the TDmagazine article, “Modernizing the Learning Design Process”). In this LearnNow workshop, participants convert their class or course into something much more powerful: a learning cluster.

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