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Snapchat: Coming to a Workplace Near You?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANaAAAAJDU1YjRhN2QzLTZmODctNGU1ZC1iMTdjLWFhOTMyZjQ4MjMyOALast year I gave a talk teaching Boomers who work in training and development how to learn like Millennials. The activity during this talk? To learn Snapchat.

The question I got was: Why? What relevance could an app like Snapchat have in the workplace?

Needless to say, I was astounded that the benefits weren’t obvious. In a room full of trainers, no one could think outside of the box on how an instant, live, disappearing video app could have potential to build capability in an organization setting.

Fast Forward 9 Months Later

This past week there have been lots of talk about Snapchat – not as an app for sexting teens, but as a threat to Google, Facebook, and TV.

Since then, we were able to confirm the number shown in the app meant the [Snowpocalypse] video was watched by 24.79 million individuals.

24.79 million!

It’s a staggering number.

Remember: “The Walking Dead” midseason finale reached 15 million, and “Sunday Night Football” reached 21 million. Those are the biggest hits on TV, and their audiences are smaller than Snapchat’s.

Among the benefits of Snapchat, mentioned by Business Insider, that these other platforms don’t offer:

  • A captive, engaged audience – The user has to hold their finger down throughout the length of the video to view. Additionally, the video is a limited time offering, available for at most 24 hours, depending on if it is sent directly vs. posted on My Story.
  • A live feed – The video is a quick concise offering that, because taken from the view of the user, really makes you feel like you are there. In essence, it’s like watching a GoPro feed. In contrast, TV is a different feel with pre-scripted viewpoints and dialogues.

Something Business Insider doesn’t mention but is a benefit as well: the interaction is 2-way. You can respond to the mini-video someone sends you with a video of your own.

Organizations are spending thousands of dollars building internal social networking platforms, but video continues to be the most engaging tool of choice for Millennials and especially for Generation Z. And furthermore, video provides the most knowledge out of all platforms: It combines text with pictures with movement all in one place. If you want to further learning, knowledge sharing, culture building, videos should be at the forefront of your strategy.

And not just internal YouTube sites. That is great for housing long term, frequently used, DIY-style videos. But for day to day work, consider the potential of a Snapchat-like tool for the workplace:

  • Take Instant, Brief Video of a Day-to-Day Work Moment – Whether it is on a project, running customer reaction tests in the field, troubleshooting problems in the field, you can capture the instant insight of the moment.
  • Reduce Data Storage Needs – We don’t need to store the day to day moments forever
  • 2-Way Video Interaction – Video messaging and sharing that allows you to respond to issues and provide feedback, even if you are not in the same place

If you’re not taking apps like Snapchat seriously when considering your organizational design, you’re making a mistake. Millennials are already frustrated by lagging technologies in the corporate space. Companies like Confide are already creating internal Snapchat-like platforms.

Leapfrog internal Facebook and consider the possibilities of video based social networking as a knowledge sharing platform.

Your thoughts??

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