In a world where we’re constantly being bombarded with content, advice, and often pure lip-service, connecting on a deeper level can be a challenge. That’s why I focus on one thing: moving people.

I’ve learned that the best sessions are those that are deeply real, unapologetic, and practical. Every event I attend is something totally unique…just like the clients I work with. I am building a community of disruptive, strengths-focused champions who want the workplace to bring out human potential.

To make it simple: a speech is nothing if it doesn’t shift perspective, conversations breed momentum, and collaboration unlocks everything.

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Throughout my career, I’ve married the lessons I’ve learned as a digital native with intensive research to produce actionable insights around technology, inclusion, skill-building, and more. My goal is for my audiences to:

…feel like I’ve connected to something deep in their lives and moved them
…have a large mindset shift, yet leave with steps small enough that they can start taking them today
…feel empowered to ask me the tough questions if they feel they don’t have the blueprints they need.

Take a look at some of my signature talks:

Growing Beyond Diversity

It’s time we break from the notion that diversity = inclusion! In this talk, we’ll examine core challenges and opportunities of shifting to an inclusion mindset, and learn to drive innovation by maximizing people’s unique strengths, supported by today’s digital way of life.

Your Digital Habits

Technology is redefining how we work, how we interact, and even how we are fundamentally wired neurologically. In this talk, we’ll inspire you and your team to rethink choices around digital tools. You’ll learn to use digital tools to empower performance, rather than engaging unconsciously with digital tools from a stressed, overwhelmed, drained state.

The Millennial Myth

Change the conversation about Millennials for your team. In this talk, you will not only understand the five biggest myths about millennials but learn how to navigate today’s digital mindset and behavior.

Creating a Learning Organization

What does learning look like in a digital age? We all know that learning once a year is no longer enough. In this talk, we examine why learning gaps exist in workplaces today and how to structure training that builds a better learning culture.


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