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Beyond Diversity:

From Inclusion to Innovation

Though often lumped together, creating inclusion is fundamentally a distinct challenge from diversity, with different goals, measures, strategy, and ultimately, underlying thinking.

While there’s barriers to inclusion we all know exist, the real problem is that it’s a near-impossible challenge to train the worst of human nature out. To achieve inclusion, we have to learn where, when, and how we shine at inclusion already and put systems in place to intentionally make these happen every day. One of those ways is through the deliberate use of online and offline technology to create an environment of inclusion.

  • Discuss how and why your underlying thinking needs to shift for diversity strategy vs. inclusion strategy
  • Identify the strengths people already use to build inclusion and where these show up online and offline
  • Choose which digital technology tactics to train your organization in that will grow these strengths into everyday moments
  • Justify how inclusion initiatives lead to innovation

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