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Leadership & Well-Being

Digital Self

We are all guilty of the habits young talent are often accused of: low attention span, constant multitasking and distraction, overwhelmed by information overload, and more.

Yet, in reality, digital is already an integral piece of everything and everyone — how we behave, how our neurology is rewiring, how we interact with others, how the work between resources gets done, and how we go about every day. In this talk, Crystal examines the role technology plays in our everyday lives and how you can use tools to empower your performance, rather than engage from a stressed, overwhelmed, digitally-defused state.

  • Spark your awareness of how living in a digital world is enabling and disabling productivity & happiness
  • Explore the five biggest challenges that occur on a daily basis and how they manifest
  • Learn how to empower yourself & your team to use digital technology, rather than be held hostage by it

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