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Crystal Kadakia is an accomplished speaker, author, management consultant and former chemical engineer. While leading multi-million dollar engineering projects, Crystal applied her problem solving, systems thinking, and strategic talent to solve people problems. Her knack for reverse engineering people dynamics and building both/and bridges in complex situations has led to two TEDx talks, 5 books, and transformational consulting.

Her talks have benefited companies with a high percentage of STEM & Finance talent including Microsoft, Georgia Power, Kaiser Permanente, Depository Trust Clearing Corp, General Dynamics Electric Boat, Lazard Asset Management and more. 

Her latest book, Social Equations, accelerates STEM talent’s ability to work with and through people by providing well-researched cognitive frameworks, easy to apply in real time. Crystal’s work is closing a crucial gap in STEM education and leadership development and reinvigorating STEM professionals in the workplace.

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"This really hit the nail on the head for me. STEM professionals are NOT not people leaders, we're just not taught the critical components of effective relationship building, best approaches for having difficult conversations, the benefits of being vulnerable with your team, peers and leaders and so much more."

- C. Embry, Senior Project Manager, Clorox

Signature Talks

Beyond Technical Brilliance: Navigating the People Puzzle

Years of study and hard work allows technical professionals to become experts in their field. But, unfortunately, having technical competence isn’t enough – working with and through others is the next great challenge. Your great ideas and solutions stay just ideas without being able to effectively execute and influence others – or worse, become an uphill battle that wears you out every day.

Just like in math and science, there are social equations that help break down what’s going on in situations and help you move forward. Instead of feeling burned out, underconfident, and frustrated by dealing with peoples issue and soft skills, gain ease and renewed energy at work. Explore how to successfully navigate and influence across the organization to gain a positive reputation as a changemaker.


  • Move beyond your technical expertise to embrace a new  challenge: reformulating social dynamics
  • Learn the ins and outs of just three frameworks that can make the difference in everyday working relationships
  • Manage your reactions and build better relationships
  • Feel excited about working with people, not just on your own, to make a positive impact

Amazing Technical Teams:  How to work better together

Technical teams build a unique camaraderie from the shared experience of working together to solve challenging problems under pressure. But many get exhausted and burned out from trying to exercise their relatively untrained soft skills muscles when it comes to communication, conflict, influence, and building buy-in. This program teaches frameworks that help teams work better together, reducing friction and speeding up innovation. 

Discover how to build team trust, understand differences and deepen bonds – all essentials for maintaining a high performance team. Learn how to leverage those skills outside the team, cross-functionally, to help increase collaboration and break through tough challenges.


  • Learn key frameworks that explain how to improve your team relationships
  • Practice new skills to build your competency in navigating social dynamics
  • Create a safe and positive team culture that cultivates ideas, productivity, and innovation from its members


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Based on the book social equations

Mastering everyday social dynamics for technical professionals.

Those in STEM fields are charged with driving innovation. In the workplace, whether you are a young professional or an experienced leader, not only do you face the challenge of applying your technical expertise, but also of navigating complex social dynamics. This essential guide is organized by the challenges you face as a person, in relationships, in teams, in leading teams, and in leading teams of teams. 
• managing your reactions,
• inviting people in,
• navigating conflict,
• leading vs. doing, and
• navigating internal politics.

“Social Equations will quickly become a critical read for STEM leaders. Having been through many years of technical training and education, leaders and team members in STEM fields often feel unprepared for the soft skills that corporate settings require. Well-researched and expertly written, this book is the ultimate tool kit for improving your relationships and collaboration!” — Dr. Marshall GoldsmithThinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times best-selling author of The Earned LifeTriggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Social Equations Book