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Back to Basics

Today, I want to start talking about making key changes in your life. This process is composed of three steps:
1. The realization that you desire change in your life
2. Defining what change you want to make
3. Developing and executing a plan to make that change happen sooner rather than later

I’m assuming you are already at step 1. Steps 2 and 3 are broad ideas that are composed of many sub-tasks. Today, I’d like to discuss a little bit about how to start defining what change you want to make.

Bring life back to the basics.

I have had an extremely stressful 6 months filled with location change, job role and manager change, health issues, and my own realization of needing a personal renaissance. The biggest question throughout all of this has been “How do I really delineate between all of the things I could possibly do and all of things I actually want to do?”

To begin to tackle this question without being overwhelmed, the key is to bring things back to basics and accept your base situation. The psychologist Fred Penzel once wrote, “The concept of acceptance and change are interlocking concepts that are really inseparable. The two concepts define each other. Unfortunately, the concept of change is often overemphasized in many approaches at the expense of acceptance.” Where you are in life right now, where you have been, all must be accepted in order to make a change in your life. You cannot hold onto static memories or present situations and except to take a dynamic step into the future.

The second key involves a small moment of your time. Take a minute to sit down in a clean area. Pause your life, put it on hold for a minute. Now bring to the front of your mind the things that you do when you need to de-stress. What brings you peace? What brings you space to think about your life and see the big picture? Make a mental list of all the things that help you clear your mind. And then do them. Because without a clear mind, it is very hard to move forward. You can’t help but allow the irrelevant slices of life rise to the forefront of your mind. It’s very easy to lose focus when you start something new. Usually, the things you have always done tend to win out.

Today, I urge you to think about accepting your current/past life and to remember the things that bring you peace. Start with a true clean slate. Only then can you begin to discover what changes you’d like to bring and what you are truly capable of. Empower yourself to breath with the full depth of your lungs. Expand your mind’s eye to a wider landscape of possibilities.