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The Single Easiest Tip to Prioritizing

One of the great benefits of coaching is being able to surround yourself with brilliance. As a student, one of the most effective ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. As I go through sessions with clients, it is so wonderful to hear someone talk through their thoughts and arrive at a brilliant conclusion. These brilliant conclusions can be applied to my client’s situation, as well as in my own life.

Today, I’d like to share a piece of brilliance with you that came up in one of my recent sessions. Many of us are driven by to-do lists. It seems like there have never been more things to do and less ways to organize the list. How do we:

1. Prioritize the List
2. Furthermore, take things off that don’t need to be on there in the first place.

Here is a simple idea that was shared with me: what are the activities on this list that will take me to the next level? These are activities that make you feel better than average, that have an above average impact on your world. Do you want to achieve your goals by taking millions of small impact steps? Or are there steps that have a much bigger impact?

Let me demonstrate this through an example. I recently was helping plan our 4th of July trip by deciding what tourist spots to hit on our 3 day trip. I had a couple of options – I could look up each location and decide, I could talk to someone who had been there, and I could try to talk through with my family what everyone wants to do and compromise. Originally, I was planning on doing all three. But based on my time constraints, the only one that really made sense doing was to talk to someone who had been there and then submit my votes to my family on where I thought was interesting. This took a 3 step process down to 1, and involved a 10 min conversation with someone who knew what they were talking about. The option that took the least amount of time, really made the most impact. Perfect.

The second point I’d like to make is that it is very easy to get in the habit of doing things just to do things. Sometimes, actions you take are not really getting you anywhere. Take these off the list. Do you clean the house and make it impeccable every day or once a week? Do you pay your bills all at one time or stress out every time you get a new one? Is it really that important to read that magazine or is it more important to spend the 30 min getting outside and getting exercise?

Your Coach Challenge: What are some of your brilliant tips for getting things done?