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This Thanksgiving, Thank Your Gen Y’s & Gen Y’s, Thank Your Baby Boomers

It’s that time of year again…Thanksgiving. The concept of Thanksgiving, of appreciation and gratitude, is great. It’s a concept we should have every day. Sure, it’s a holiday based on a biased, vastly inaccurate interpretation of historical events. But it’s the thought that counts. And this year, it’s even more special with the rather rare coincidence of the first day of Hannukah with Thanksgiving: many are celebrating Thanksgivukkah.

So, this year why don’t we also give thanks to people around us? Let’s take a break from the accusatory vids (from Gen Y’s) and fairly long articles (from Baby Boomers), dividing the generations and instead focus on what we appreciate.

Top 10 Things I’d Like to Thank My Fellow Gen Y’s For:

  1. Feeling and projecting that anything is achievable – hope is contagious and I love seeing people’s accomplishments online
  2. Allowing people to feel okay being themselves online and offline – appreciating all of our differences and similarities; I see more positive support and people banding together against negative comments every day
  3. Giving local support to projects that matter to you personally – giving a new meaning to charity and social projects
  4. Being creative
  5. Desire to preserve the environment and world around us
  6. Staying busy even though you can’t find a job
  7. Being friends with your parents
  8. Inspiring change
  9. Creating information equality in the world
  10. Constantly asking why? As in why do we have to work in a physical office? Why do we need a gazillion dollars to start up when I can just Kickstarter it? Why ?

Top 10 Things I’d Like to Thank My Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and Heck, Anyone Older Than Me For:

  1. Reminding me that talking on the phone or seeing someone in person is awesome
  2. Showing me the power of long term, mutually invested relationships – among family members, friendships, business connections
  3. That it’s okay to take it slow
  4. Huge strides in Gender and Ethnic Equality which without the path taken in my life could not be
  5. Willingness to change
  6. Willing to share your story and teach others but being open to learning from others as well
  7. Switching from negatively driven support models to providing positive feedback as support
  8. Participating in protests that actually impacted the government and created new laws
  9. Doing the best you could with what you knew
  10. Inventing a lot of technology and knowing how it all works theoretically – TV, computers, internet, the whole deal.

So, how about you? What would you add to these lists? Anything that your favorite Gen Y or Baby Boomer has done that you’d like to show gratitude for?