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It couldn’t be more true today: the stage can be anywhere. Anyone can speak online. But capturing attention, touching people deeply, and inspiring action is an art.

I believe right now, across all our distant spaces, we need to unify around inspiring messages more than ever. And, if we are to come together, what better than around actionable ideas about the most generative possibilities the future holds?

I continue to inspire audiences to think differently remotely through virtual keynotes and –  because of what’s possible with technology – bring a different kind of engagement and reflection.  



Virtual Programs

Our "What's Possible with Different"

Signature Keynotes

Signature Keynotes

Any of my signature keynotes can be provided virtually as a part of your next summit.

Leadership Insight + Facilitation

Leadership Insight + Facilitation

I can guide an effective dialogue for your leadership group or project team related to navigating the New Normal.

Custom Fireside Chat

Custom Fireside Chat

In these times, what might be most helpful is a Q&A – engages your audience while providing tailored content.

A Side-by-Side Comparison

audience View

Backstage View

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes AND virtual can have a different impact all together. Both live and virtual events have pros and cons. With live events, a key benefit is peer-to-peer dialogue before, during, and after a session. For the speaker, you get to see your audience reaction and undeniably, that creates energy for the presenter. For virtual events, you can try to duplicate the above through a well-designed event. You can have intentional points of interaction with the presenter or ongoing chat during sessions. You can also design in time for virtual break out rooms after sessions. But what else is possible with virtual is that you can create intentional space for self-reflection as well as autonomous, global accessibility to the content, reaching people you may not have been able to before. 

Think about what you would like your audience to be able to do after engaging in the session. Then consider the following options:

(1) A one-way presentation like a virtual keynote is great if you want the audience to change their perspective or learn something new. 

(2) A one-way presentation with interactive exercises such as a virtual workshop is great if you want the audience to learn something new and get practice.

(3) A two-way dialogue like a virtual Q&A or fireside chat is great if you want your audience to direct the conversation to topics most important to them and get answers from an expert.

(4) A facilitated all-ways dialogue is great if you want an audience to create something together based on expert insight, like an action plan, strategy, or team deliverable. 

Depending on the option you choose, you might want a session to be live (via livestreaming or webconferencing software) or pre-recorded.

It depends on the kind of event you are aiming for, the expectations and size of your audience, and the general quality you would like to have. On the low end, you can have a simple web conferencing tool like Zoom, Hangouts, or MSTeams with the speaker showing a plain wall, home, or digital background. On the high end, you can outsource the online conferencing platform management (such as geniecast.com or playbacknow.com) as well as ship equipment to the speaker's site. In the middle, speakers may have a professional level set up at home they can use.

I'm very goal-focused, so I start by helping you determine your desired outcomes and objectives for the event. We work together to articulate the session in compelling language that speaks to your audience. We also decide what type of event and any interactivity that makes sense to achieve the goals. As we get within two to four weeks of the event, I develop the outline and the talk. I typically recommend a technical run through a week prior if we are doing a live event. Then, we are ready for a successful session!

I'm also committed to creating a high quality virtual event. That's why I've invested in a high quality dynamic and directional mics, camera and tripod for pre-recordings and livestreams, lighting kit, and a black backdrop that can complement your branding. 

The same as live events, except travel and expense costs are eliminated. I am committed to providing the same level of effort as my live events - I custom create designs based on the impact you want to have on your audience. Where there are things we'd love to do live, I'll suggest alternate ways to get it done in a virtual environment. 

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