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What Should My Career Be: Step 2 – Top 100 Things To Do In Your Lifetime

After determining what you truly enjoy from Step 1 of the What Should My Career Be series, the second step is to determine what does a meaningful life look like for you.

Some of you may recall in the 15 Strategies of Work/Life Balance post, I mention making a list of  100 things to do in your lifetime. Jim Lafferty, who introduced me to the 15 strategies, talks about this list in a very unique way. Time after time, you meet people who have forgotten what they have accomplished in the past year or the past three years. There is no memorable goal that was accomplished. Jim talks about setting a goal to accomplish one or two of the items on your list every year. It becomes easy to separate the years when you’ve done something you’ve always wanted to do – he never forgets “the year he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro” or “participated in the Wife Carrying competitive race in Finland”. Even I, who has a terrible memory, wouldn’t be able to forget that memory!

I love that message – so I made my list of 100 things. It’s not 100 things yet. Try it out, you’ll see – it gets pretty tough when you reach 20. It truly is amazing, despite the many things this world has to offer, how hard it is to think of 100 things.

The magic of creating this list was the realization it brought to me – of the things that meant the most to me. That I wanted to do and accomplish. The things I wanted to do to leave an impact on the world. I’m sure the list will keep growing. I’d highly encourage you to go through this exercise. It brings an entirely new perspective to what you want out of life.

So without further adieu, here’s my list thus far.

1. Write a children’s short story book

2. Publish my already written NaNoWriMo book (anyone interested in taking a peek?)

3. Get so good at salsa dancing that I can teach it

4. Compete at a salsa conference

5. Share my photography online

6. Go hang gliding

7. Visit the following places: Grand Canyon, Alaska, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Badlands National Park, Vancouver, Calgary, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Argentina, Japan, Falkland Islands, Singapore, Switzerland, Russia, China

8. Teach For America

9. Join the Peace Corps

10. Learn to ride a horse

11. Learn ballet

12. See a coastline by boat, either Europe or South America

13. Learn violin

14. Be a back up singer on stage and a record (inspired by Jake Rathburn, definitely want to sing with him)

15. Get my PMP and CPLP certifications

16.Grow a vegetable garden

17. Adopt a child, preferably a teen

18. Launch The Dream Post

19. Learn self defense/martial art form

20. Publish Out of the Office, Into the Woods

21. Print a book with my photography

22. Win a billiards tournament

What can you learn from my list of what is important to me? Here is what I learned:

>> I love to learn!

>> I want to travel (this one I knew)

>> I want to make an impact on underprivileged lives

>> I love to write

I’m very interested in creative arts

Make your list and share what you learned about yourself!

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